Lisa Deacon runs for township council

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Lisa Deacon runs for township council
Lisa Deacon

With the municipal elections just around the corner, seven candidates are vying for four seats on Russell Township council. Candidate Lisa Deacon has based her campaign on earlier and more meaningful consultation for big community decisions. Deacon said that several people have approached her with stories of trying to approach council with their concerns and finding the process confusing and intimidating.

“I am hearing that many of us face barriers and disconnection when it comes to having a say on community decisions that matter,” she said. “I’m running because I want a say in decisions affecting me, my family, and my neighbours. My career and volunteer experience gives me a uniquely balanced viewpoint to serve in this role, and when it comes down to it, I am passionate about local issues and excited about our future.”

She joined the race for councillor because she believes she is well-suited to the challenge of taking everyone’s opinions into account and balancing them with what the township needs to continue growing.

“My community leadership style and career are focused on ensuring everyone has a voice and the opportunity to create the community they want,” she said. “I have a strong sense of integrity, and am prepared to make difficult decisions. I will represent residents’ concerns and hopes with an open mind, careful consideration of available information and evidence, and the discipline to consider long-term impact.”

She also says that although the township should continue to grow, both in population and business, it should endeavour to “maintain the careful balance of continuing to welcome new neighbours and businesses while staying true to our agricultural, linguistic and small village roots.”

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