Successful Summer Reading Club

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Successful Summer Reading Club
Summer Reading Club

The bilingual program’s theme for this year was myths and legends. Children learned about Greek and Norse myths and their mythological creatures. Whilst the theme for each year’s reading clujb is chosen by a vote of more than 2200 public libraries participating all across Canada, libraries can choose what they do with the topic.

In total, 98 children were signed up to take part in activities. To participate, all that was needed was to be a member of the Champlain Library. One of the most successful activities was the story walks. Signs were put up every few steps for children to read as they walked along.

“It was very well received,” says Alicia Heinzle, children’s librarian at the Champlain Public Library.

The Summer Reading Club’s aim is to instill the love of reading in children.

“They often say that kids lose a tremendous amount of their reading ability throughout the summer between the school years so this just keeps it up and even excels their reading levels,” said Heinzle. “They’re really into it.”

While the Summer Reading Club is finished until next June, much of the club’s programming remains. Story time starts every Tuesday at 10 a.m., Virtual Coding is available on Mondays twice a week, and afterschool activities such as science, art, math skill building and puzzles are offered every Thursday.

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