Newcomer Denis Welden runs for council

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Newcomer Denis Welden runs for council

Welden, born and raised in Vankleek Hill, says he knows his community very well and wants to make a positive difference.

“It’s time to change things, said Welden. “There is too much complacency, we are not moving forward.”

He believes current council members are not always available for the residents of Champlain Township.

“I have a certain way of thinking, a certain standard in the way I deal with people,” he said.” I want people to understand that they can talk to me, I will listen.”

He says he can compensate his inexperience in council activities with hard work, communication with township residents and members of council on issues previously faced.

“All I can promise right now, and I know this is cliché, everybody goes in and says this, I am honest,” he said, “and I promise to do my darnest to make things happen.”

Welden is concerned about miscommunication between the township and its residents.

“I’m just a little guy from Vankleek Hill, grown up all my life here,” he said. “I’ve seen parts of the community work a certain way, and another part of the community works a certain way, and they don’t work together because they don’t see what each other can bring to a table.”

Welden wants to focus on commercial development in Champlain Township to create employment opportunities.

“I’d like to have people that come to Vankleek Hill to come and live, and go to work and go back home like it was years ago,” said Welden. “There’s no reason why we couldn’t have that.”

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