Boaters Bothered by Dock Delays

Par Raymond Berthiaume
Boaters Bothered by Dock Delays

A post on a community Facebook group questioning why the city has yet to install several floating docks along the shore of the public park on Edwards Street in Rockland garnered hundreds of likes and comments before it was taken down.

The post and its comment noted that with the boating season fleeting, boaters of Clarence-Rockland are dissatisfied with the time it is taking to get the three longer docks for use by anglers and human-powered watercraft on the water. People looking to fish or kayak are using the two main docks next to the boat ramps, making it difficult and at times unsafe for others to launch their motorboats.

The docks at Du Moulin Park are available for use free of charge and people come from across the region and Ottawa to get their boatsout  on the Ottawa River, making the limited space crowded, in particular without the other docks in place.

For boaters, the delays are shortening their boating season, requiring them to drive to Wendover, Jessup’s Falls and Plantagenet to get their boats in the water and avoid lengthy wait times at Du Moulin Park.

City officials said the docks are not yet in place due to city staff dealing with the May windstorm clean-up and preparations for the recent Canada Day festivities. The city also states that water levels have been too high this season to install the docks anyways. Officials noted the docks should be installed by the end of the week of July 11.

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