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le Mercredi 6 juillet 2022 19:29 Reflet-News (Russell-Embrun-Casselman)

Russell Township celebrates Canada Day

  photo Christopher Smith
photo Christopher Smith
Mayor Pierre Leroux joined local band The Front End in opening the festivities by leading the crowd in the national anthem.

Russell Township pulled out all the stops for the Canada Day Celebrations on July 1, which were kicked off by a rendition of the national anthem by local band, The Front End. Mayor Pierre Leroux accompanied them, welcoming the crowd to the Russell Fairgrounds after the singing had finished.

A huge crowd gathered to enjoy the food, drinks, cake, and games provided by the township. In addition to The Front End, Charlie the Kid and Odd Man Out provided live music for the festivities. The Russell Fire Department brought out a giant sprinkler for kids and adults alike to jump through, and at the end of the night, the celebrations were closed out by a magnificent fireworks display at Russell High School.