Bourget fire station sale builds Building Fund

Par Karine Audet
Bourget fire station sale builds Building Fund

Originally constructed in 1975, the old fire station on 2163 Laval Street in Bourget went up for sale earlier this year with an asking price of $259,900. The old station was replaced by the new combined fire and paramedic station that opened down the street in late 2019. 

Funds from the sale were originally destined for the city’s general reserve fund, but a change to the Sale and Disposition of Land policy will redirect revenue to the Building Reserve Fund. 

The intention of the policy change is two-fold. On is to ensure the city has a better accounting of the money coming in and out of the general reserve fund. Second is that city council agreed revenues from the sale of real property should go towards maintenance, upkeep and improvement of city property. 

City councilor André J. Lalonde proposed the policy during the June 6 committee of the whole meeting. The change was adopted on June 20 during the council regular session, with all eight members present voting in favour of the change. 

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