Council considers daycare fee payback

Par Karine Audet
Council considers daycare fee payback

During the June 6 committee of the whole meeting, Mayor Mario Zanth presented the motion stating council intended to return payment to affected parents and requested the administration to assess and present financial costs of such a reimbursement at next week’s council meeting. 

Power outages and clean up efforts forced three city run daycares to close their doors for 4 days following the May long weekend. Four others were closed for two days, reopening once power was restored and spoiled food and supplies were discarded. 

Current daycare enrollment hovers around 450 children, according to Director of Community Development Julian Lenhart. 

“The city has been made aware of a number of requests for reimbursement,” said Lenhart. “But it hasn’t been overwhelming.” 

The city’s current daycare policy states no reimbursements are to be made in emergency situations, including major weather events. However, the Municipal Council can authorize the cancellation of fees in situations beyond the city’s control. 

Council is set to meet and discuss the financials surrounding a reimbursement on Monday, June 20 at its next regular council meeting. 


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