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New Blue Party candidate confirmed as Victor Brassard

Victor Brassard a été confirmé comme candidat du Nouveau parti bleu dans le GPR. — Photo fournie
Victor Brassard a été confirmé comme candidat du Nouveau parti bleu dans le GPR.
Photo fournie
The New Blue Party candidate Victor Brassard says his biggest issue in the GPR is honesty and integrity.

Victor Brassard has been confirmed as the candidate for the New Blue Party in the Glengarry-Prescott-Russell riding. He’s been hard at work campaigning at events and communities across the GPR, and he says that in his opinions, the most important issue is honesty and integrity. 


I believe that I’m not working to be a politician as in, this is my life’s desire and ambition and career. I’m looking to be a candidate that represents the people. I’m a people’s politician in terms of, there’s a voice that needs to be heard in the government’s place.” 

— said Brassard.

He said that politicians lie to the people all the time, promising reforms and changes that never happen, and that more than any individual issue, people want to be heard and have their voices brought to the fore. 

“The problems are real, and the problems can be solved as a community,” he said. “The government is there to assist in the solving of those problems. We’re not there to push the envelope and be the leaders, we’re there to work together as a community.” 

A New Blue Party government would end all COVID-19 mandates, including repealing emergency measures, banning COVID-19 vaccine passports, reducing the powers of local bureaucrats, and paying restitution for those harmed by emergency measures. 

It would also scrap $100 million in political party subsidies, ban lobbyists, crack down on voter fraud, tax corporate media that receive federal subsidies, reduce electricity prices by taking down wind turbines, cut the HST from 13 per cent to 10 per cent, and cancel the carbon tax. The New Blue Party also wants to reform education by introducing alternative schooling tax credits and removing critical race theory and gender identity theory from schools.