Roof repairs needed at municipal office

Par Karine Audet
Roof repairs needed at municipal office

A section of the roof at the Hawkesbury municipal office needs repairs but the lowest price quote received for the job is still more than the money allocated in this year’s capital works budget. 

Council approved $300,000 in the 2022 budget for repair work on the roof, based on a consultant’s review report. When the project was put out for tender more than two dozen contractors indicated interest but the town received just three actual bids. The lowest bid was for more than $420,000, which is 59 per cent greater than the funds allocated in the budget. 

 Council accepted a staff recommendation to put the project on hold pending results of building assessment review that will provide “the full picture” of potential needed on the town hall. Meanwhile municipal staff will focus on repairs to targeted areas of that part of the roof to deal with immediate problems. 

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