Franco-Ontarian songwriter celebrates album with launch event

Franco-Ontarian songwriter celebrates album with launch event

Last month, Franco-Ontarian singer-songwriter Janie Renée announced the launch of her fourth album, Inesperado. To celebrate, she’s hosting a live music event at Accent Meubles Furniture Store, 5676 Highway 34, in Vankleek Hill. Tickets are $20 and will include a copy of the album, free food and drinks, and a live music performance by Janie Renée herself. In collaboration with several well-known Brazilian artists from Rio de Janeiro, along with several Brazilian-Canadian artists from right here in Canada, Renée will bring a taste of Brazilian culture and togetherness to listeners.

She says she planned the event because she wanted to do something unique for the album launch, something nobody had ever done before, like launch a music album in a furniture store. She also thought this would tie in with the themes of the album nicely.

“You know how this pandemic has brought about this darkness? How everybody’s tired and cranky? I wanted to bring sunshine into it,” Renée said. “I wanted people to remember the joy in their life. Things that are inherently so beautiful that you can’t forget about them. So telling someone, for example, that you love someone in capital letters. Does it matter if you say it in capital letters? Well yeah! Today if you write in capital letters, people think you’re angry, you’re shouting. But what if I’m shouting out my love? Could that be beautiful?”

Renée was born in St. Eugene and went to school in Vankleek Hill. She has been surrounded by music and the arts her entire life, beginning her professional career at 11-years-old in an arts troupe started by her childhood piano teacher. She was the first Franco-Ontarian artist to win Radio Canada’s Ontario Pop, broadcasted live from Confederation Park, and is heavily involved in community projects involving the arts, especially for high school students.

Tickets can be purchased at the door or online at Masks will be required, and guests are encouraged to bring flip flops or other sandals.

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