Final tests for Ecolomondo tire recycling plant

Final tests for Ecolomondo tire recycling plant

Ecolomondo Inc. Announced final tests are underway now for tire shredding equipment at its new Hawkesbury plant. The Québec-based environmental technology company expects to have its Hawkesbury branch in full operation later in the year. 

« Ecolomondo has achieved every goal that it has set for itself since inception, » stated Eliot Sorella, company chairman and chief executive officer. « The Hawkesbury TDP facility, thanks to the many proprietary improvements, will redefine scrap tire processing, that will efficiently produce market-ready renewable products with a lower carbon footprint and at a cheaper cost. »  

The Hawkesbury facility has been under construction for the past two years as part of Ecolomondo’s expansion of its industrial materials recycling business. All electrical systems for the Hawkesbury plant are now certified, assembly of the tire-shredding setup is finished and now undergoes final tests. 

Tests for the recovered carbon black processing setup will take place in February along with operations review of other plant systems. The plant uses a high-tech thermal process as part of its reycling operation that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

When the plant is in full operation, the Hawkesbury facility is expected to process at least 14,000 tons of used tires each year and produce 5300 tons of recovered carbon black, which is used in the tire-making process. The plant will also produce 42,700 barrels of rendered oil and 1800 tons of recovered steel from the tires for sale as recycled materials. 

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