Advice on how to help Ukraine

Advice on how to help Ukraine

Employees for Alfred-Plantagenet Township pooled together donations from their wages for a donation of $250 to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help provide aid to refugees who have lost their homes to the invading Russian army or have fled the country altogether. 

On the township’s Facebook page, there is a quote by townhip employees from the author, Jean-Paul Sartre, to explain why their reason for doing so. “When elephants fight, it’s the grass that suffers.” 

The township’s staff urges their counterparts in other municipalities and also residents of Prescott-Russell “to follow our example” and help donate to relief aid for Ukraine. 

Many stores in Prescott-Russell now accept donations from customers at the checkout counter on behalf of the Red Cross or other agencies providing relief aid to Ukraine. Individuals and groups can also donate online to various relief agencies through their websites. 

The Red Cross accepts donations at, UNICEF at, and the World Food Program at 

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