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Van Kleek seniors manor receives funding

Le Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor a reçu des fonds. — Photo d'archive
Le Van Kleek Senior Citizens Manor a reçu des fonds.
Photo d'archive
Funding for the Vankleek Senior Citizens Manor has been allocated, and construction on an addition will start by April 2022, barring any unforeseen complications.

The Manor addition will be built at 71 Derby Avenue in Champlain and has been waiting for funding since the site plan was presented to Champlain Township back in September. It will have 30 units when construction is finished, as well as several amenities for resident use. According to Manor board chair Gary Barton, 141 applicants were on the waiting list by November 2020, and that number has likely grown significantly in the year since. 

The Manor is a concerted effort by council to accommodate seniors living in the region. One-third of the former Champlain Day Care property was sold to the Manor Corporation for one dollar, and the township will demolish the old building when construction is due to start. The Vankleek Hill Farmers’ Market has been using the building for its weekly markets, and the group will be given a month’s notice before demolition. 

The Manor Corporation stated that the facility should be completed by April 2023, with occupants moving in the same month.