Hawkesbury council begins 2022 budget review

Hawkesbury council begins 2022 budget review

“I think that the future is very positive for Hawkesbury,” said Mayor Paula Assaly, commenting on the sections dealing with revenue from property assessments and analysis of future development growth potential.

The draft budget proposed is for $22,832,924. The municipal property tax levy portion of the 2022 budget revenue would be $11,500,896.

That would mean a 3.1 per cent property tax increase for 2022 if there are no changes made for the final budget. For the average homeowner with a house and land valued at $163,420, that would mean an increase of $65.76 to the municipal portion of their property tax bill.

A two-day budget review session is scheduled for November 17 and 18. Council and senior staff will do a line-by-line review of the complete budget proposal to decide if there are any possible cuts to operation and capital works expenses to help reduce the final tax increase figure.

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