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Budget number crunching begins for UCPR

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The mayors for Prescott-Russell want the tax increase for next year’s counties budget kept to three per cent at most.

“There are some expenses that are hard to anticipate,” said Valérie Parisien, finance director for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR), as she presented the draft report on the 2022 UCPR budget during council’s October 13 committee of the whole session.

The draft budget, if unchanged before final approval in November, includes a municipal levy of more than $50 million in property taxes the UCPR needs to collect. That would mean a 3.56 per cent increase in the property tax rate for all landowners in Prescott-Russell.

For the average homeowner with a house and land valued at $274.255, that would mean a $40 increase in the UCPR portion of their tax bill.

Several priority capital projects are included in the 2022 draft budget. One expensive item is construction of the new Prescott-Russell Residence long-term care facility, which began in February 2021 Also the UCPR has a number of road improvement projects and two bridge rehabilitation projects that must be done.

After a short discussion among themselves following Parisien’s presentation, the eight mayors on UCPR council asked the finance department to review and revise the draft budget to bring the tax rate increase down to three per cent.

Next budget review session for UCPR council is October 27. The goal is to have the final 2022 budget approved by the end of November.