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Seven choices for GPR voters

  photo Elections Canada
photo Elections Canada
Who will be the Lucky Seven candidate chosen to represent Glengarry-Prescott-Russell after the September 20 federal election?

Elections Canada issued the confirmed candidates list for the riding following official closure of the nomination period.

As of September 1 Glengarry-Prescott-Russell voters have seven choices on their ballots when they attend either the advance polls over the September 11 weekend, vote on Election Day September 20, or make use of the mail-in option for voting.

Incumbent MP Francis Drouin represents the Liberal party choice for the riding. Challenging him for ballots are Susan McArthur for the Conservative party, Konstantine Malakos for the NDP, and Daniel LaPierre for the Green Party.

The other three candidates on the GPR ballot are Brennan Austring of the People’s Party of Canada, Marc Bisaillon of the Free Party Canada, and an independent candidate going under the name of The Joker.

Elections Canada is mailing out voter cards, and has also mailed out a pamphlet explaining how eligible voters may cast their ballots. The advance polls are scheduled for September 10 to 13.

Voters who have not received their voters card yet but want to vote in the advance poll are able to do so if they present proper photo identification such as a driver’s licence or a valid Canadian passport. Voters can also use their provincial health card or other accepted form of government document as identification as long as they also present a piece of paper, like a Hydro or telephone bill, that will confirm their present living address within the riding.