Opinion: The Passing of Mayor Guy Desjardins

Opinion: The Passing of Mayor Guy Desjardins

I would like to acknowledge the employees and citizens of Clarence-Rockland for the respectful, solemn and fitting tribute afforded to Mr. Desjardins. It was heartwarming to see both sides of Laurier Street lined with people to pay their final respects to Mr.  Desjardins as his procession, accompanied by the haunting sound of bagpipes, passed in front of City Hall for the final time, winding its way to Clarence Creek and on to its final destination, his funeral service in Saint Pascal-Baylon.  

My husband and I were honored to be invited to his funeral service and had the opportunity to chat and or meet with seven of the eight councillors in attendance to express our condolences for the loss of the titular head of their close-knit family. 

Our collective hearts reach out to his family, children, grandchildren and to his life partner, Aline Ross, a most integral part of his personal and professional life and a constant loving presence by his side. We hope they take solace in the knowledge that Guy’s infectious smile will always beam down to them from above to get them through the difficult times that follow when such a physical presence is no more. 


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