Hawkesbury’s RV parking rule

Hawkesbury’s RV parking rule

Summer is close at hand and if travel restrictions during the pandemic are lifted that means tourists with their recreational vehicles (RV) and camper vans will soon be driving through Hawkesbury. This year RV drivers may need to ask for directions for a place to park their vehicles. 

Past problems with RV parking in the downtown area, some residential neighbourhoods, and along the highway have prompted municipal staff to recommend changes to Hawkesbury’s parking bylaw. Council approved the change during its April 26 session. 

RV parking rule 

Parking for RVs and camper vans is covered under subsection 24.1 of the bylaw that deals with parking for heavy trucks. RVs and camper vans are considered as “heavy trucks” under the bylaw along with construction equipment like dump trucks, farm equipment like tractor-combines, or any industrial repair or towing truck. Signs posted at the main highway entrances to town forbid parking heavy trucks, as defined under the bylaw, on any streets within the town. 

Section 24.4 of the bylaw allows an exception to the no parking rule for RVs and camping vans on residential neighbourhood streets for a maximum limit of 72 hours. Hawkesbury administration recommended removal of this section of the bylaw and banning parking of RVs and camper vans at all times from all streets within the town. Staff will add a new definition for the term “recreational vehicle” in the revised parking bylaw. 

The changes to the bylaw do not prohibit RV parking in large commercial parking lots if allowed by the parking lot owner or in designated RV parks. 

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