Public presentation plan for The Nation rec centre project

Public presentation plan for The Nation rec centre project

Council agreed during its April 6 session to schedule a public presentation on the complete concept plan for the project during its April 26 session. Integrated Design Engineering and Architecture (IDEA), the consultant firm involved with the project, expects to have an update budget projection ready by then along with all other project details to present to council for final review and approval. 

“The budget remains tight for us,” said Dino Nugent, IDEA spokesman, during on an update to council during its April 6 session. 

Projected budget for the project is about $14 million, with a contingency fund allowed of about $1.2 million for any unexpected problems or costs that arise during actual construction. IDEA expects to have a more complete assessment of the project cost by April 26. 

Nugent noted that the effect of the pandemic on the supply of some construction materials may be one of the key factors affecting the final project cost. Rolled steel will make up a large part of the facility’s building material and right now the pandemic is affecting the world supply of rolled steel for manufacturing. 

Nugent noted that if the municipality can get its community centre project out for tender soon and get a “fixed price” agreement with a contractor for construction, that will help with managing project costs. 

The proposed site for the new community centre is in Limoges on Limoges Road, between École St-Viateur and the municipal water treatment plant. When completed, the new facility will feature two indoor soccer fields, a two-lane perimeter running track, change rooms and other facilities, and a community centre annex with a 150-person seating capacity plus kitchen and other support features. 

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