Police officer cleared over motorcyclist’s injury  

Police officer cleared over motorcyclist’s injury  

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) was called to investigate on October 5 after the 28-year-old was hospitalized after falling from his motorcycle the previous day. According to the SIU report, the man was parked on the shoulder of Raymond Street, but fled when a Russell County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) cruiser pulled over near him. 

The motorcycle rider travelled about 200 metres down the road and crashed, fracturing his left clavicle. He was taken to then Ottawa Hospital’s Civic Campus for the treatment of his injury. 

In a decision written on March 15 and released on Thursday morning, SIU director Joseph Martino said he could not “reasonably conclude” the officer involved in the pursuit had committed dangerous driving causing bodily harm. “In the instant case, the issue is whether there was any want of care on the part of the [officer] that caused or contributed to the complainant’s injury and was sufficiently egregious to attract criminal sanction,” he said. “In my view, there was not.” 

The case was considered closed. 

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