Sunshine List public sector salaries released

Sunshine List public sector salaries released

The Sunshine List has been annual event since 1996 due to the Public Sector Disclosure Act of the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative government. It lists all employees in the public sector with annual salaries of $100,000 or more during the past year. That includes civil service workers for the province and for municipal governments, along with school district employees, hospital workers, and all those employed with non-government agencies in the public sector. 

The 2020 Sunshine List for Prescott-Russell has 141 names of employees from among the eight municipalities and the United Counties of Prescott-Russell with salaries of $100,000 or more. Casselman was the sole municipality not listed for entries during a search of the 2020 Sunshine List. 


There are 10 names on the Sunshine List for Hawkesbury for 2020. 

The top five were Daniel Gatien, former chief administrative officer, at $169,273.74; Nicole Trudeau, former recreation director, at $135,847.18; Michel Poulin, captain in the Hawkesbury Fire Department, at $127,922.24;  Dominique Dussault, human resources director and acting chief administrator, at $126,248.71; Patrick Mayer, firefighter, at $122,345.35. 

Champlain Township 

The Township of Champlain has three names on the 2020 Sunshine List. 

First is Paula Knudsen, chief administrator, at $140,765.50. Next is James McMahon, public works director, at $109,730.36. Last is Jacques Gauthier, chief building officer and senior bylaw officer, at $109,365.08. 

East Hawkesbury 

There is just one name on the Sunshine List from East Hawkesbury Township. Luc Lalonde, chief administrator for the township, received a salary of $102,325. 


The 2020 Sunshine List has two entries from Alfred-Plantagenet Township. 

First is Hébert Roch, township road superintendent, at $110,713. Next is Josée Dallaire, township treasurer, at $103,163. 


There are 20 names on the 2020 Sunshine List from the City of Clarence-Rockland. 

The top five are: Helen Collier, chief administrator, at $170,549.21; Julian Lenhart, infrastructure director, at $154,803.68; Michel Cousineau, chief information officer, at $143,358.25; Pierre Boucher, community services director (now retired), at $139,188.97; Frédéric Desnoyers, city treasurer, at $138,353.32. 

Russell Township 

The 2020 Sunshine List has 14 entries from Russell Township. 

The top five are: Jean Leduc, chief administrator, at $167,490.52; Jonathan Bourgon, infrastructure services executive director, at $138,918.90; Richard Godin, finance director, at $128,063.61; Dominique Tremblay, director of planning, building, and economic development, at $126,698.06; Céline Guitard, parks and recreation director, at $116,842.89. 

The Nation 

There are seven entries from The Municipality on the 2020 Sunshine List. 

The top five are: Josée Brizard, chief administrator and clerk, at $145,727.84; Marc Legault, public works director, and Cécile Maisonneuve, human resources director and municipal treasurer, both received $129,918.88; Guylain Laflèche, planning and economic development director, at $124,857.36; Doug Renaud, operator in charge of water and sewer, at 116,174.08. 

United Counties of Prescott-Russell 

Prescott-Russell’s regional government has 74 entries on the 2020 Sunshine List. By comparison the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry have seven names on the list. 

The top five include: Stéphane Parisien, chief administrator, at $225,081.59; Judith Richer, residential care coordinator, at $163,121.52; Pierre Gauthier, human resources director, at $147,043.49; Carol Lavigne, economic development and tourism director, at $146,885.22; Louis Prévost, planning and forestry director, at $146,885.20. 

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