Art auction helps SNC tree planting goal

Art auction helps SNC tree planting goal

The South Nation Conservation Authority (SNC) is holding an online art auction this autumn as part of its fundraising efforts for its tree-planting program for the South Nation River watershed.

“We have a big following in the local arts community,” said Taylor Campbell, SNC media liaison and art auction project coordinator. “They were happy to help.”

The virtual art auction is one of the latest inspirations of the SNC’s communication committee to take the place of some of this year’s traditional fundraising projects, like the annual SNC Golf Tournament, which were cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The SNC has received more than a dozen donations of artwork, including paintings, sketches, and wood sculptures from artists throughout the region. Organizers expect to have at least two dozen pieces of art available for the auction.

“They all have environmental themes,” said Campbell, noting some art landscapes, while others depict wildlife or outdoor recreation.

Photos of these pieces will be placed online at site before the start of October for people to view and consider for bidding. The viewing period starts October 1.

The virtual art auction itself will be from October 8 to 29. Directions on bidding, including minimum bids levels, will be available on the site.

SNC staff will contact the winning bidders to arrange pickup details for their new art acquisitions. All money raised will go towards the SNC tree-planting program. The SNC goal is to plant 200,000 new seedlings throughout the watershed region to increase the area’s tree cover, help control erosion, and also enhance wildlife  and fish habitats.

“It’s a really great and unique opportunity for people to acquire local artwork,” Campbell said. “It’s a win-win situation.”

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