Enbridge Gas plans new main line project

Enbridge Gas plans new main line project

“It’s always welcome news,” said Mayor Guy Desjardins during council’s review of the information at its September 9 committee of the whole session. “It’s a big investment for us. I know a lot of municipalities would like to have something like this.”

The Rockland Reinforcement Project would see about 4.5 kilometres of four-inch steel main installed across Clarence-Rockland from Enbridge’s existing main line at either the Poupart Road/Laurier Street site or at the Baseline Road/Joanisse Road point. This new secondary natural gas line would connect to a new delivery station on St-Jean Street south of Docteur Corbeil Boulevard.

The new secondary main line, when complete, would help maintain delivery pressure of Clarence-Rockland’s existing natural gas supply. To get Ontario Energy Board (EAB) approval for the project, the company first needs to complete an environmental study process (ESP) on its proposal.

Enbridge has hired Stantec Consulting Ltd. to do the ESP and have it finished in November so that the company can file a project application with the OEB. The goal is to have OEB approval so construction on the pipeline and station can begin in spring 2023.

The ESP requires public consultation. Because of the COVID-19 situation Enbridge is hosting a virtual open house to get comments, concerns, and general feedback on the two proposed routes.

The virtual open house is from September 14 to September 28 at 5 p.m., at www.enbridgegas.com/about-us. Participants can click on “Projects” to get to the Rockland Reinforcement Project open house site.

Anyone who cannot take part in the virtual open house can contact the Rockland Reinforcement Project Team at 613-738-6058 or email their comments to RocklandEA@stantec.com.

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