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Alfred-Plantagenet 2020 budget approved

Taxpayers in Alfred-Plantagenet Township can expect to see a small increase in their property tax bill this spring.

Township council approved the 2020 municipal budget during a special session February 18. The total budget for the township this is $12.8 million, which includes a $2.1 million capital works portion. The 2020 budget will see a 3.01 per cent tax increase.

One of the larger capital works expenses for this year is a new pumper truck for the township’s fire department. Cost is estimated at about $388,000. The new truck is necessary to maintain the municipality’s fire protection insurance rating.

Other capital works projects covered in this year’s budget include new boat launch ramps for the Wendover and Lefaivre marinas, paving of the pedestrian path at Parc St-Denis, and paving of the gravel portion of the Wendover community centre parking lot.