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Winchester District Hospital ready for coronovirus

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Staff at Winchester District Memorial Hospital are ready should a coronavirus case show up at their door.

“We’re always prepared for someone to come walking in the door with something,” said Cholly Boland, president and chief executive officer for Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH), during a phone interview February 6.

The hospital, which serves residents in the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry and also has patients come from Russell Township and The Nation Municipality in neighbouring Russell County, confirmed its staff are prepared should they need to deal with a case of the Novel coronavirus, which is gaining worldwide attention.

The WDMH does not have any cases of coronavirus. Boland noted that the hospital has isolation rooms and procedures for dealing with patients who have a serious contagious disease. Information posters and signs are also posted throughout the hospital reminding both visitors to the facility and staff about procedures to follow to reduce or prevent the risk of any infections.

WDMH policy requires anyone suffering from coughing fits, shortness of breath, and/or fever to wash their hands and wear a surgical mask while they are in the hospital. Any family members or friends who are sick or have symptoms of a respiratory virus will also be discouraged from visiting patients at WDMH until they themselves are feeling better.

Patients coming to the WDMH emergency department will have their travel history checked to determine if they have been in China within the past few months when the Novel coronavirus outbreak began, or if they have had contact with anyone who was in China at that time.