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Local businesses join forces to bring the Christmas spirit to local seniors

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This Christmas, the Perras Chisholm Team, Embrun Home Hardware and Russell Trivia are fundraising for some of the most vulnerable members of the community: local seniors in retirement or nursing homes in the Embrun and Russell area.

« There are some seniors who won’t even get a visitor this Christmas, » says Allison Chisholm of the Perras Chisholm Team. « We created Santa for Seniors to give people in our community the opportunity to show our seniors that we care about them. »

The Perras Chisholm Team, Embrun Home Hardware and Russell Trivia are teaming up on November 2, 7 p.m.,  at the Russell Arena to raise funds for the Santa for Seniors charity. The night will include trivia, a gift card tree and a live and silent auction. Funds raised during the event will then be used to buy gifts for the Santa for Seniors program.

The Santa for Seniors program will match community members with a senior living in a nursing or retirement home in the Embrun and Russell area. Before December 16, community members wishing to participate can visit the Embrun Home Hardware, choose a Santa ornament from the Christmas tree, and then get matched with a senior’s gift wish. The Embrun Home Hardware can then wrap the gift in a holiday bag, once it has been purchased and brought to the store. The Perras Chisholm Team will then distribute the gifts to the seniors’ homes. 

The staff at the homes will be entrusted with distributing the gifts on Christmas morning. Santa matches are also available on Facebook or as cash donations, directly at the Embrun Home Hardware store.