Virtual reality help for job hunters

Virtual reality help for job hunters

“It’s very simple and user-friendly,” said Caroline Arcand, CSEPR executive director, during a Thursday morning press conference held at the Hawkesbury office to unveil the Career Labs VR system.

The virtual job site system was developed by UP360, a Toronto company, working with Employment + Education Centre in Brockville. The system is loaded with five virtual simulations for a heavy equipment operator, an HVAC technician, an electrician, a construction welder, or a robotics technician. The CSEPR has two other VR scenarios on order for X-ray technician and short-order cook, UP360 officials indicated other virtual reality simulations could be developed.

The Career Labs VR can help people seeking work decide if these are careers they would like to pursue. The system can also help employers assess whether a candidate might have the potential ability to handle these types of jobs.

The CSEPR will have the Career Labs VR setup at its Hawkesbury and Rockland offices. A portable system is also available for centre staff to bring to schools or other locations for job fairs and other events.

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